Books Available through Boundary Litigation Seminars, Inc.

Boundary Litigation Seminars, Inc. was created to provide quality reference materials for those involved in real estate development, boundary and title work. Mr. McLagan has utilized materials accumulated over a lifetime of work in this area as well as the knowledge and experience of expert practitioners to produce books that are essential to surveyors and lawyers involved in real estate development, boundaries, and title work.

Minnesota Public Land Survey Law

Contents include:

  1. Public Land Survey Nomenclature

  2. History of Public Land Survey in Minnesota

  3. Remonumentation Law

  4. Section Subdivision Law

  5. Judicial Function of Lawyers and Surveyors


  • Cites all federal and state statutes on subject of public land survey

  • Cites all Minnesota cases on remonumentation and section subdivision

  • Illustrated with maps used by Supreme Court to decide the cases

Cost: $90.00
(Government deduct 20%)

The Land Surveyor's Handbook of Statutes: Book One

Contents Include:

  1. The Land Surveyor - Licensed Professional
  2. Statutes Relating to the Practice
  3. Statutes Relating to the Office of County Surveyor
  4. Statutes Relating to the Location of Roads and Highways
  5. Statutes Relating to Boundary Litigation
  6. Statutes Relating to Judicial Notice and Evidence
  7. Statutes Relating to Partition Fences
  8. Statutes Relating to Recording Title to Land


  • Editors have selected, organized, researched and annotated those statutes of interest to land surveyors

  • License law and regulations, mechanic's lien, torrens, cartway, etc.

  • Helpful practice tips

Cost: $90.00
(Government deduct 20%)

The Land Surveyor's Handbook of Statutes: Book Two

Contents Include:

  1. Statutes Relating to County and Municipal Planning and Zoning
  2. Statutes Relating to Describing Land


  • The 60-day rule, county planning and zoning, municipal planning and zoning

  • Practice tips for subdivision approval

  • Auditor's subdivision, cemetery plats, registered land survey, common interest communities, Chapter 505 plats

Cost: $90.00
(Government deduct 20%)

The Land Surveyor's Handbook of Statutes: Book Three

Contents Include:

  1. Waters of Minnesota (definitions, commissioner's authority, public waters, designation and use and wetlands)
  2. Wetlands, Establishment and Regulation
  3. (BOWSER) Board of Water and Soil Resources - Wetland Conservation and Regulations
  4. Shoreland Management Act and DNR Regulations
  5. Wild and Scenic Rivers Act and DNR Regulations

Cost: $50.00
(Government deduct 20%)

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