Tips for the Land Owner Who May Become Involved in a Boundary Dispute

1. Settle Early. All litigation is expensive and risky. Try to negotiate a settlement as soon as possible.

  • Never offer to buy your neighbor's land. This may be deemed an admission you do not own the disputed land.

  • Offer money only as an attempt to settle the dispute - not to purchase the land.

2. Photographs are important. To be admissible in court, there must be proof that a photograph accurately shows the land at that time; therefore, be prepared to testify to the time and accuracy of the photo.

  • Take pictures now before things change.

  • Find old photographs. The best photos show children; they are easier to date.

  • See your lawyer, surveyor or city about aerial photographs. You will be surprised at the wealth of information on old aerial photographs.

3. Retain an experienced lawyer and a competent land surveyor early.




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